Joomla 3 How to change article layout main page

Where to find your own template in Joomla 3:
Home-<domain>-templates-<your template>-html-com_content-featured.
Featured is necessary for your overrides ( Now we will change the look and feel of an article in the mainpage.
This is managed in file: default_item.php

Elements look for are:

  • Intro image
  • article title
  • article category; but clickable for go to all articles with that category

Goal is following order is; image, category, title


Open file default_item.php in an editor.

Look for : “show_title” what I do is place one comment line before this block of php code and after in sense like <!–article title> and <!–end article title–> so you can later find this back easily.

we move this block just before the initialize php block or what ever this is needed for.


Look for: image_intro

Do same here with comment lines <!–intro image–> and <!–end intro image–>

take this block and move it just after the end comment line of the article block.


look for show_category

Do same here with comment lines <!–category–> and <!–end category–>

This part is a bit more difficult it is build up in a list with html <dl> tag.

I just want the category name and not the lable so if you remove ‘COM_CONTENT_CATEGORY’ the label is not shown.

I am also not so bothered about configuration via Joomla Admin so I just take this line of code to the top and switch of the rest in Joomla admin. You can also decide to delete all other code you don’t want.

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